Influenza Vaccine Clinical Trials Sterling Heights, MI, 2023

Save The Dates!

The Influenza Screening is meant for those who:

Are 65 years or above

Are generally healthy or have a stable chronic condition

Have not received an investigational or licensed flu vaccine in the last 6 months

This event is part of a Flu Vaccine Study, that is aimed at helping the body produce antibodies that may help fight off the flu.

Screening Event Details

Influenza Screening

About Influenza Research Study

Revival Research Institute is conducting an Influenza Research Study for healthy individuals. We aim to test the efficacy of an investigational drug that might be able to help you or your loved ones. If you fit our eligibility criteria and are interested in learning more about your health, visit us at the Influenza Screening Event 2023!

Unlock Your Health Potential: Fight Flu

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