Revival is Coming to the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2023

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The Type 2 Diabetes Trial Screening at Ann Arbor Art Fair 2023 is meant for those who:

Are 18 years or older

Have a clinical diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

Have a BMI of 25 or more

Have increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

This event is part of a Type 2 Diabetes Research Study, which is exploring options to minimize the risks of cardiovascular diseases associated with Diabetes and Obesity.

Screening Event Details

Diabetes & Obesity Screening

Diabetes & Obesity Screening

Diabetes & Obesity Screening

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diabetes and obesity

About Diabetes & Obesity Research Study

Revival Research Institute is working in collaboration with Eli Lilly to conduct a Diabetes & Obesity Research Study among people at risk of cardiovascular diseases. We aim to test the efficacy of an investigational drug that might be able to help you or your loved ones. If you fit the eligibility criteria and are interested in learning more about your health, visit us at the Type 2 Diabetes Screening at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2023!

Unlock Your Health Potential: Tackle Diabetes & Cardiovascular Complications!

About Revival Research Institute, LLC

Revival Research Institute is an emerging clinical and outpatient research organization based in Michigan. We conduct clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas with the goal of providing quality healthcare through research studies, free of cost.

We’re dedicated to reshaping the next generation of therapies, one clinical trial at a time — with compassion.